Demi Lavato Made Me Sad And Mad

Some of the images in the video below look like they came from another country. A nasty, third-world, dictator-led country. But they didn’t. They came from OUR country.

In just 3.5 years, the United States has gone from a proud, powerful and respected nation, into one that’s horribly divided. A nation that other countries feel they can no longer depend on.

And who would want to help us now?

Our President has ruined most of the relationships we’ve had over the years.

The relationships he has now are with nations that are not democracies. Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un are his “friends.” WTF?

A question: are we better off now, then we were 3.5 years ago?

The video below makes me sad and mad.

We need to go back being one nation.

We need to get rid of the daily insanity that is Trump.

We need to vote him out, now.

This is why:



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