I Was Booted Off Twitter, And The Timing Was Perfect

I joined Twitter in 2007. I was suspended from Twitter in 2023.


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Why I Was Suspended from Twitter

I was booted off Twitter for not following their rules.

What rules? I’m not sure. The company didn’t offer specifics. So I appealed it. And their response was not human-like. It was probably a robot specializing in canned email responses.

That said, I think I know why my Twitter account was suspended.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t for anything I did or said that could’ve been seen as racist ( I never do that!). And I certainly didn’t try to scam anybody.

Hey…if you’re that curious about my Twitter suspension, drop me an email. I’ll share the likely reason for it. Probably. Depends who you are.

I Was Upset With My Suspension From Twitter

I had built a nice following on Twitter. And I got some traction from the articles and direct advice I gave over the years. So I was mad that I wouldn’t be able to share my franchise stuff there. Plus, I liked Twitter.

With that in mind, one of the reasons was Twitter was my go-to source for breaking news. “ Was “ being the key word here. Not so much now.

I also liked Twitter because in the early days I was able to connect and meet ( in-person) people of influence. And a lot of them have become friends. Friendships that include lots of mutual admiration and business networking. Plus, we help each other a lot.

Finally, Twitter was a terrific fit for my personality. And also how I roll; short, quick spirts of activity and energy. Oh well.

The Garbage Dump That Is Twitter

Things have really changed at the San Francisco company. For the worse.

Truth be told, I haven’t been enjoying Twitter for the past couple of years.

But I became so used to sharing my articles, thoughts and opinions there, I was doing it automatically. With less and less results.

In addition, it’s become more difficult to engage with people on the platform. But the worst part of Twitter ( X), was ( is) the discourse.

Between nasty political “ discussions,” and out-of-control conspiracy theories about vaccines and the 2020 election happily given steroid-type boosting from none other than the owner of Twitter, the platform has become a cesspool of whatever is in a cesspool. Cess?

That’s why I’ve been able to quickly get over getting my main account suspended from Twitter. And as I said, the timing couldn’t have been better.

Because cesspool.

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