The Global Franchise Business Report For 2020

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The Franchise Direct Top 100 Global Franchise Report has been the go-to report year after year. And their 2020 report is no exception.

The top 100 franchises

International franchising

The technology spending spree in franchising

The always-controversial minimum-wage issue

Leisure and travel franchise updates

The up and comers

And more.

This year’s Franchise Direct Global 100 Report includes an interesting section about some of legal talking points taking place in the industry in 2020. Make sure you check it out.

Finally, part of their report is focused on franchising in Australia. That’s because it’s a big market for franchising. But there’s more.

From Franchise Direct:

Franchising in Australia may have initially provided a means for Australians to benefit from foreign products and systems, but it now is the chosen format for many Australian entrepreneurs to expand and develop their business. The great majority of franchise systems operating in Australia are [now] home grown, and increasing numbers of Australian franchise systems are successfully taking their systems overseas.” — From The Franchise Council of Australia

Finally, I encourage you to read the report in it’s entirety.

Learn as much as you can about franchising…both domestically and globally.

Because the more you know the better your decisions will be.

Especially if 2020 ends up being the year you become the owner of a franchise business.

(The Franchise King®, Joel Libava, is a strategic partner of Franchise Direct. He helps promote the brand-and makes a few shekels for doing so.)

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