Where To Search For A Money-Making Franchise (The answer will surprise you)

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As tempting as it may be, starting your search for a profitable franchise on one of these franchise opportunity websites is not how to do it.

Instead, you need to start your franchise search in your head. (And, on a notepad.) Here’s how.

Grab a pen and couple of sheets of paper.

On the first sheet of paper, list your top skills.

For example, are you great at managing people? Are you a sales-superstar? Are you an expert number-cruncher?

Whatever your top skills are, write them down. All of them. And don’t be shy about asking people who know you well what they feel you excel at.

On another sheet of paper, list what you feel your dominant personal traits are.

For instance, are you outgoing? Or, are you more of an introvert? Are you a leader? Are you competitive? Fiercely loyal? Environmentally-conscious?

Please Take Your Time

Speed kills.

In other words, don’t speed through this step in the process. Doing so will kill your dreams of becoming a successful, money-making franchise owner.

So, once you feel you’re finished with your two lists, check them over.

Are the skills you wrote down your top ones? If so, great. If you missed something, now’s the time to add it to the list.

What about the personal traits you wrote down? Are they your most dominant ones? Have you included all of them? If not, add them to the list.

How To Search For A Profitable Franchise

I just taught you where to start your search for a franchise.

Now, I’m going to show you how to do a proper franchise search. And yes; you’re going to be using the two lists I had you create to do it-so make sure they’re in front of you now.

Now it’s time to visit a top franchise opportunity website like this one, and start searching for franchise opportunities that will allow you to utilize the things you’re really good at. (Your top skills.)

Tip: You may have to really dig into the franchises you find to figure out what the exact role of the franchise owner is. Once you find out, see if the role is a match for your dominant personal traits.

For example, if you find a retail franchise opportunity you’re attracted to, make sure your traits are a match for what a retail franchise owner does.

In other words, if you’re friendly, organized, and good-natured, retail is probably a good fit for you.

When You Find An Opportunity

When you find a franchise opportunity that looks interesting and matches your top skill sets and personal traits, don’t stop there. Look for one or two more in the same franchise sector that are similar. Spend some time on their websites. Compare.

Then, request information from them. (If there are three similar ones, choose two to contact so you don’t get overwhelmed.)

FYI: Requesting information is easy. There’s usually a web form for you to fill out on the franchise opportunity website you found them on, or on the individual franchise website.

After you hit “send” wait to hear from the franchise development representative. (Franchise salesperson.)

The Short Version Of Searching For A Franchise

I just gave you the short version of where and how to search for a franchise. The articles I’ve linked to below go into a bit more detail.

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