Why Do You Want To Buy A Franchise?

person asking why they want to buy a franchise now

What’s your “why?”

And why now?

What’ changed in your career? In your life?

Did something happen?

Or are you just ready to own what you do.

To be your own boss of your destiny.

What’s Your Reason For Wanting To Buy A Franchise?

Now that I’ve got you thinking, let’s see if your reasons for purchasing a franchise match any of the ones I’ve listed here.
1. You don’t want to have a “job” anymore.
2. You’re sick of making money for someone else.
3. Your work-life balance sucks.
4. You want equity in something.
5. You want to build wealth.
6. You want more control of your future.
7. You want more freedom.
8. You’d like to have some flexibility.
9. You’ve always wanted to own your own business.
10. You want to build something your kids can buy-if they choose.

Did I name one of your reasons for wanting to acquire a franchise to own?

If so, great. If not, what is your reason?

Let me know below. I’m curious.

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